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Shades is a rhythm game in which you have a mission : find the impostor.  To achieve it , 2 players battle to find the impostor between the different characters in the scene. To find him, they need to look at the differences between them. But watch out ! It's not that easy !

In Shades, your goal is to spot the intruder among the characters ! To do this, you'll have to move your cursor to the one you suspect and eliminate it. But be careful ! Make no mistake or your friend will overtake you ...

Programming : 

Corentin Lelong - Simeon Malaret - Nicolas Rogé

Sound Design : 

Avec la participation de Clarence Berard

Game Design : 

Alexandre Begis - Marcus Do Rego - Quentin Chailleux

Game Art : 

Paul Gaffney -  Mallaurie Le Bihan

Producing : 

Maxime Tailame


Shades.zip 133 MB

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